Barnyard Millet/Sanavi/ Kutharivalla


Barnyard millet is a great substitution for rice. You can make a great idli, dosa, upma, kichadi, curd rice, Pulau and even a millet taco.

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The Barnyard millet or Sanwa rice as it is popularly known has high levels of protein, calcium, iron, minerals, and vitamin B complex. It is also low in carbohydrates and gluten-free, making it a boon for those with gluten allergies, type II diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. The Barnyard millet has the lowest carbohydrate content, is gluten-free, and has the highest energy value amongst all the varieties of millet; hence a popular choice for the health-conscious millennial generation. The barnyard millet tastes similar to broken rice when cooked and is a rich substitute for rice.

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Flour, Sprouted, Whole Grain


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